What is the difference between oil and acrylic paint?

The main difference between paints is the base material. Oil paints are oil based produced from linseed or alkyd oil, while acrylic paints are water based produced from acrylic resins. This causes differences in drying time and the final product. Generally, acrylic paints dry much faster than oil paints. In addition, oil paints are more malleable and can be blended, while acrylic paints are applied in layers to achieve the desired effect.

What materials do you use to paint?

At AZ Oilscapes, we aren't opposed to any ideas when it comes to creating.
Typically when using oil paints, the artist will use differently shaped brushes and palette knives to create different landscapes and textures. However, she has also used alternative materials, including tooth brushes and tooth picks, to create certain effects.
When using acrylic paints, the artist uses a variety of materials to apply the paint. You can see in our product photos that the acrylic paintings usually have a more prominent texture. Anything from paper towels and foam brushes to aluminum foil and many others are used to create our acrylic pieces.

What techniques do you use to print art?

At AZ Oilscapes, all pieces are one-of-a-kind, original pieces. While art prints can be used in a variety of ways, prints are not available through AZ Oilscapes, as we stick to our mission of creating everything we sell with our own hands.