Custom Painting

Custom Painting

*Pictures above show previous custom paintings completed.


The custom painting option allows you to build your own painting. Base price starts at $25 (custom fee) and will increase as size and framing options are selected. Please review the following guidelines for custom paintings below. By placing an order for a custom painting, you agree to the following:


*All custom paintings will be an interpretation by the artist. Painting will adhere to specifications listed in the form, but will still be based off of the artist's perception.

*Artist will contact customer directly upon receiving order to discuss specifics of desired painting.

*Once completed, a picture of the painting will be sent to the customer for verification. Once confirmation is received, the painting will be shipped within timeframe established for type of paint used. If dissatisfied with the picture of the painting, payment will be refunded.

*Acrylic paintings will be dry and ready to ship within 72 hours upon artist's receipt of customer confirmation. Oil paintings will take up to 8 weeks to fully dry and will ship immediately once dry, pending artist's receipt of customer confirmation.

*You can add a small phrase or word to further customize your painting if you wish (examples: Bible verse, personal dedication, song lyric). Placement will be up to artist.

*Be sure to choose a framing option:

-No frame (no extra cost) - painting will arrive ready to hang with sawtooth hook on back of canvas

-Framed (extra cost depending on painting size) - stretched canvas paintings will arrive permanently mounted to handmade, burnt wooden frame, affixed with mending plates on back of corners; canvas panel paintings will arrive temporarily mounted to handmade, burnt wooden frame, affixed with velcro to frame backing


***If you have any questions about the process or any of the options listed, please reach out to the artist at - I will be happy to answer any questions or assist in your request!

  • Customization

    For all custom paintings, please select your choice for all available drop-down options. Once all options are selected, your total price will populate.

    ***When completing your order, please complete notes section to specify what type of landscape you are requesting. Options include: mountains, ocean, lake, waterfall, trees/forest, flowers, desert, night sky/stars, snow/winter, barn, cabin/house

    ***If ordering more than one custom painting, indicate which landscape goes with each painting (i.e., 16x20 inch dark blue - ocean)

  • Care/Handling

    All paintings are original and should be handled with care.

    -Limit contact with painted surface to ensure painting remains in good condition (oils from the skin can affect quality and/or appearance of paint). 

    -If transporting, wrap painting in a layer of bubble wrap and be sure nothing is placed on top of painting, as canvas can stretch or tear.

    -Handle frames carefully to avoid dropping or bumping into things, as wood can crack or be easily nicked.


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